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Buddy's Wrecker Service maintains a 40 Ton Rotator Crane Truck with a 40' reach. This truck is capable of loading and off loading heavy equipment, heavy machinery and heavy loads. They provide trailer bunking and trailer unbunking, truck cab stacking and other heavy duty crane services. Call their dispatch center now at 731-885-5331 to order their mobile rotator service.


Their rotator service has proven to be a time and money saver for many clients. They can schedule their crane to meet your delivery of heavy equipment, machinery or other heavy load to ensure the truck is loaded or unloaded as quickly as possible.


Contact their 24hr dispatch center now at 731-885-5331 or 800-748-9330 to get a truck dispatched to your location.

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Their Mobile Rotator Services Include:

  • Heavy Equipment Loading and Offloading
  • Truck Cab Stacking
  • Trailer Bunking and Unbunking
  • Steel Loading and Offloading
  • Fuel Tank Loading Offloading

Call their 24hr dispatch center now at 731-885-5331 to get their team on the job for you ASAP.

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