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Buddy's Wrecker serves as a dealer for towing lights and truck accessories. Visit these
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Buddy's Wrecker Service has been committed to quality service at fair prices since its inception in 1963. Founded by John Morgan "Buddy" Sedberry, Jr. and June Sedberry. It was originally called Buddy's Esso located on First Street and Reelfoot Avenue, operating as a full service gas station. Since that time the company has grown substantially but has never moved from its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here are come key milestones in the company's history:

  • August 1963- 1975- With the encouragement of his son, Steve Sedberry, Buddy bought their first wrecker.
  • 1977- Moved to 431 West Reelfoot Avenue and became Buddy's Wrecker Service, Inc.
  • 1978- Purchased the first and only hydraulic wrecker in Southeast Kentucky and Northwest Tennessee
  • 1979- Began working in the heavy duty wrecker business by purchasing a 1976 Holmes 750 25-ton mechanical wrecker mounted on a Kenworth tractor
  • 1988- Bought a 1988 Century 820 heavy duty hydraulic wrecker with heavy duty underlift. This established Buddy's as heavy duty towing and recovery professionals.
  • 1996 -Purchased a Century 1040 B 40-ton hydraulic wrecker with a 50,000 lb. underlift, which operates independently from the boom.
  • 1997- Invested in a complete set of air cushions, including both starter and high lift cushions
  • October 2000- Moved to a new location with a 5,000 ft building and 3 acres of parking at 118 Barham Road on the Highway 51 bypass.
  • November 2001- Buddy died, leaving business to his son, Steve
  • December 2001- Bought 1997 International with 2001 Century bed This wrecker was dedicated to the founder, Buddy Sedberry
  • December 2003- Added to the list of equipment, a Kubota tractor with front bucket and forks
  • December 2005- Purchased a 2005 International with Century Bed, which is an automatic rollback and extended cab to carry stranded motorists
  • December 2006- Purchased a 2006 International 22 foot rollback bed, and for long distance tows a Holmes Detachable Towing Unit (DTU) was purchased to have the capability of quickly connecting and disconnecting to their own road tractor
  • June 2007- Finished a new garage expansion to the repair facility
  • December 2009- Purchased a 2006 Peterbilt 379 with a 1140 Century 40 ton rotator with an LDU.
  • January 2010- Purchased a pro-cut on car brake lathe
  • September 2013- Purchased 2010 International Lonestar with a 9055 Century 50 ton boom with coach low-rider underlift.
  • December 2014- Purchased 2015 International medium duty Vulcan V-30 Hydraulic 16 ton boom.
  • May 2015- Purchased 2015 Ford with 20 foot Chevron Rollback bed
  • June 2015- Purchased 2000 International All Wheel Drive truck for 1601 Holmes 22 ton Hydraulic.
  • June 2016- Added a 2015 ford F550 with 19 foot Chevron Flatbed
  • December 2016- Added a 2017 Kenworth with a Heavy Duty Century 50-ton Rolling Rotator
  • Feb 2017- Added 2016 Ford F550 with Chevron 408T Light Duty Wrecker
  • April 2017-Added a Terex Telehandler
  • July 2017- Purchased a Hoffman Front End Alignment Machine
  • May 2017- Purchased a Hoffman Alignment Machine
  • September 2017- Purchased Hazmat Recovery Trailer
  • December 2017- Purchased a 2017 Kenworth with a 50 Ton Rolling Rotator and 2018 Intl Ext Cab 21 ft Rollback with Sidepuller
  • April 2018- Updated High Lift Cushions and Landing Cushions
  • August 2018- Purchased Snap on Tire changer
  • September 2018- Purchased 2019 Intl 22 ft Rollback
  • November 2018- Purchased 1994 All Wheel Drive Recovery Truck
  • December 2018- Purchased computerized tire balancer and 53ft Landoll Trailer
  • Aug 2019- Purchased 2015 International Pro Star road tractor

Throughout the years their Buddy's family has strived to create a welcoming environment.

We feel that when you enter the shop, you a part of the family, too!