Star Headlights Dealer

Buddy's Wrecker is a registered distributor for Star Headlight products.

Since 1889 Star Headlight and Lantern Co.has been the leader in emergency vehicle safety lighting products. Their lights include STAR amber warning lighting systems, Star Signal Vehicle Products red and blue police vehicle lighting, lightbars, backup alarms, LED lighting, vehicle safety lighting, STAR railroad lanterns and personal safety strobes. They also produce Bradford vehicle dashboard, deck and console mounting systems, and replacement bulbs. Their years of experience and state of the art manufacturing facility in Avon, N.Y. continue to intensify the dedication to quality and service you have come to expect from Star Headlights.

The products are perfect for towers, first responder vehicles and farmers. Call Buddy's Wrecker Service to learn about their complete line of warning and safety lighting.

Amber First Responder & Safey Beacons


LED Lighting

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